Top Ten Reasons We Love the “Green Season” in Costa Rica

The “green season,” also referred to locally as winter or the rainy season, generally runs from June through November in the Central Valley of Costa Rica. It’s certainly not cold like it is in the Northeastern US, however, it tends to rain more frequently, perhaps once a day in the late afternoon or early evening for a few hours. It’s a great time of year and here’s why:

1. Everything turns lush and green.聽 You can count numerous shades of green in San Ramon’s many valleys.

2. Less tourists are around. It’s a great time to take advantage of tourist activities without all of the crowds.

3. It’s cheaper. Hotels, restaurants, and recreation sites often provide deep discounts.

4. There’s nothing like the sound of rain pelting a roof and sleeping. It’s nature’s sleeping pill.

5. People just seem friendlier and more relaxed.

6. You can grow virtually anything. Just plant something early in the season and a few months later–or less–you’ll have an abundance of flowers or great fruit and veggies to eat.

7. Local cloud forests come alive with all kinds of flora and fauna for exploring.

8. It’s a great time to catch up on those indoor projects you have been putting off.

9. You get your chores done in the morning, have lunch and settle in for an afternoon nap–there is not much better in life.

10. You’ll likely have less friends and family visiting you. 馃檪


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Summer is coming

According to the CR National Weather Service, in this article from Inside Costa Rica, the dry season (or summer) will be here soon!

Organic Views, San Ramon

Introducing Organic Views:

An Organic, Ocean-View Community for Healthy Living

San Ram贸n, Costa Rica


This quaint 8-lot ocean-view residential development is five minutes from the center of San Ram贸n and offers tranquil living at a reasonable cost with all services, shopping, and social activities, just a short distance away.


The concept鈥攈ealth, wellness, a better way of life


Consider this simple fact: our diets have changed radically within the last 50 to 60 years with great and often very harmful effects to our health.聽 These dietary changes represent as great a threat to public health as smoking.聽 Too much fat, sugar or salt in our diets can be or are linked directly to heart disease, cancer, obesity and stroke.It is a fact that six out of ten cases of death in the U.S. have been linked to the food we eat.聽 By the year 2012, 75% of American will be considered overweight with some 30% considered obese.聽 With both willpower and the proper team in place to assist you, Organic Views can be a place to start or recommit to a healthy and prosperous lifestyle.


Eating healthy organic food and living in a place free of chemicals is proven to help improve one鈥檚 general health, increase energy, and in many cases, lead to a longer life.聽 This is the concept for Organic Views: a place where people can live in harmony in a beautiful place without the harmful effects of chemicals in their foods or on their land.聽 And, by working with the first farmer in Costa Rica to receive organic certification by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, who will keep the land chemical-free and maintain the organic coffee and produce in the development, this will ensure you will enjoy your home and lifestyle for many years to come.


Environmental Principles


The following environmental principles have been implemented at Organic Views:


Protection of the land:聽 This project has been developed in a way that minimizes the environmental impact on the land including disturbing as few plants and trees as possible, utilizing the existing terrain to maximum benefit, and not impacting natural waterways.聽 In addition, chemicals will not be used in any aspect of the project鈥檚 development or to maintain common areas and flowers/plants.


Low density:聽 This project has only eight lots while it was possible to have had as many as 15 or more lots.聽 By only having a few lots, most with over an acre of land, the community that blends with the traditions of the area and the natural environment.


Efficient and environmentally responsible building:聽 The project鈥檚 home construction contractor is dedicated to doing everything possible to build homes in an environmentally responsible and efficient manner.聽 This includes using the natural grade of the land in order to not disturb plants and wildlife, making efficient use of building materials and considering alternative construction products that are made from all-natural material and that are more energy efficient.


Living in San Ramn


San Ram贸n鈥檚 best-kept secret is its awe-inspiring views in some areas that are like no other in the Central Valley.聽 Because of the town鈥檚 high altitude and westward-facing position towards the Pacific Coast, a number of very close-in suburbs offer views that encompass a huge swath of coastline, all the way south to Jac贸 and north to Puntarenas and beyond.聽 Of course, with a direct view of the ocean, sunsets are stunning and the lights of several coastal cities come alive at dusk, particularly the port town of Puntarenas.


The expat population generally lives in communities surrounding San Ram贸n, primarily to its north and west, with a few more city-oriented people preferring downtown. The vast majority of foreign retirees are purchasing land and building homes in an area called Magallanes that offers mountain, valley or ocean views鈥攁nd all three in many cases鈥攚hile only a five-minute drive to the center of town, mainly because not many resale homes built to American standards are available.聽 This area is quickly becoming the 鈥減lace to be鈥 in San Ram贸n where expats are now building higher quality homes.聽 And, because San Ram贸n is still largely undiscovered by foreigners鈥攖here are perhaps under 200 full-time retirees鈥攔eal estate with 鈥渕illion dollar California鈥 views is still available at a fraction of the cost in the U.S. or Europe.


About Organic Views


Organic Views is located just five minutes from downtown San Ram贸n in the Magallanes area.聽 At about 3000 feet above sea level, the area offers warm days (averaging 78 degrees year round) and cool nights (low 60s).聽 Heat or air conditioning is not required.


Three of the eight lots have been sold.聽 One home has been constructed with a retired American couple already living in the development.聽 A second American couple will begin construction of their home in November, 2011.聽 Five lots remain, four of which have ocean views and range from 1.25 to 4 acres.聽 One lot is .5 acres and has valley views only.


The remaining home sites range from $35,000 to $78,000 and average only $9 per square meter with some lots in the $4-$6 per square meter range for 3-5 acres of land.


Key aspects of Organic Views include:


  1. Conversion of an existing chemically-induced coffee farm into an organic coffee and produce farm.
  2. A local farmer, who is an expert in organic farming, manages the entire community on behalf of the residents.
  3. Maintenance of roads, organic coffee and numerous plants and flowers, will be provided free of charge.
  4. The farmer and his staff will maintain all common areas and continue to produce and sell coffee nationally and abroad in order to support their families.
  5. All of the infrastructure, including roads, water and electricity are available.
  6. A water well, built by the development鈥檚 owners, provides water to all homeowners however testing of the well determined it can provide water to over 400 homes. Therefore, the well is being donated to the local aqueduct authority to provide additional water to local residents.
  7. Electricity lines from the entrance to the community will be installed underground by each owner in order to avoid unsightly electricity posts.




Home Construction in Organic Views


Buying a home site in Organic Views is an easy and straight-forward process. However, many clients often find the home building process to be perplexing, particularly building a home in a foreign country.聽聽 This section is designed to answer questions clients may have about building a home in Organic Views:

  • Am I contracting with the lot owners to build my home?聽 No.聽 Your contact for home construction will be directly with the builder you select, though the project owners can provide recommendations for well-known and respected builders who are working in the San Ramon area.聽 You and the builder will discuss and agree to all contract terms prior to construction.聽 Therefore, any issues that may arise will be resolved between you and the builder, according to the provisions of the contract.聽 It is unwise to begin construction鈥攅ven architectural renderings鈥攚ithout having a contract first.
  • What types of homes are built in Organic Views?聽 Most contractors build custom homes designed to your specifications.聽 Whether Mediterranean/Spanish, modern, or other styles, a builder鈥檚 goal is turn your vision into reality.聽 In Organic Views there are not stringent home-building requirements except that all homes will have red roofs and earth-tone colors on exterior walls.聽 These standards were put in place to allow residents to build homes to their specifications but to provide continuity in the community.聽 This also helps to maintain the appearance of the overall development and to ensure the development remains a good investment, particularly for residents who decide to sell their homes in the future.聽 There is no time limit on when a lot owner must build a home.
  • What does it cost to build a home?聽 The final cost of your home will depend generally on two factors: how large your home is, and what type of finishes you select.聽聽 Typically, you can expect to pay roughly between $50 per square foot and $65 per square foot which will include permitting, architect鈥檚 work, construction, and the installation of most finishes such as kitchen cabinets, countertops, and appliances, flooring, kitchen/bathroom fixtures and associated plumbing, and lighting fixtures.聽 Your builder will advise you on the type of finishes possible based on your budget.聽聽 In addition, it is important to do as much thinking and research about the type of home you want, the layout, size and of number of rooms, whether you want a guest house, garage/car port, pool, or other structures, prior to signing a contract.聽 Re-work during the construction process not only can lengthen the time to complete your home but also will likely increase the cost as more material may needed, walls torn down, etc.
  • How do I pay for my home?
    Generally, construction services are paid for in cash, including an initial deposit and then periodic payments as your home construction progresses.聽 The schedule for payments will be determined between you and your builder.聽 Payment is usually made by wire transfer to the builder.聽 It is important to allocate funds ahead of time so construction of your home is not delayed.
  • How long will it take to build my home?
    It normally takes between six and nine months to build your home.聽 A number of factors could lengthen the time to build your home including the extent to which pre-work is necessary (such as lot preparation), the size of your home, weather, and the availability of the materials you select.聽聽 After discussing your specifications with your builder, he will give you a more specific time estimate.
  • What if I am not living in Costa Rica at the time construction begins?
    It is preferable to be in the country during the construction process in order to inspect the work on a regular basis.聽 However, this is often not possible for many people.聽 Therefore, the builder should provide frequent updates on the progress of your construction and send you photographs as certain milestones during construction are met (i.e., foundation is laid, roof is put on).聽 If at all possible, it is helpful for you to visit at least a few times during the home construction process, particularly to pick out tiles, cabinets, appliances, and other fixtures.
  • I鈥檓 interested in eco-friendly design and building.聽 Is this possible in Organic Views? Yes.聽 May builders are capable of building eco-friendly homes.聽 Your builder will discuss those environmental factors that are important to you and build your home to your specifications.聽 He can include items such as solar heating, energy efficient plumbing fixtures, and other items that make your home energy efficient while reducing your home鈥檚 environmental impact.聽 It is important to know, however, that these environmental and energy benefits may increase the cost of your home.

Organic Views in San Ram贸n offers numerous benefits including very reasonable prices, stunning ocean-views, a short distance to the center of town and tranquil, organic environment.聽 Please contact us to schedule a viewing today鈥攚ith only five lots remaining, these home sites won鈥檛 last long.

Additional details:

Contact information:



Phone: (506) 8350-7647 (CR)

Phone: (202) 361-3047 (USA)

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Turnkey homes in San Ramon

Imagine having a custom-built home to American standards in San Ramon on 1.25 acres of land WITH ocean views, all for WELL under $200,000?聽 Yes, it’s true…and all on organic land.聽聽 Come visit San Ramon, meet our honest and high quality builders and see that you can have your dream home or a price you can afford.聽聽 Take a look at and talk to us about how to make your money go far in paradise!