Is Self-Sufficiency Possible?

Editor’s Note:  Living in Costa Rica automatically makes many of the recommendations for self sufficiency a given.  The freedom to live a rural lifestyle without the intrusion of massive governmental oversight is as refreshing as a climate without the need for air conditioning or heating.  Additionally, Costa Rica is not a consumer nation; frugality is encouraged and practiced as a matter of course.  For those who wish to choose a healthy, self-sufficient, and independent lifestyle there truly is no better place than Costa Rica.  Our area, San Ramon, is a kind of paradise within a paradise.  It is known for its strong agricultural roots and, in fact, has one of the country’s best weekend farmers markets to be found.

Bob Ewing

There are many things we can do for ourselves whether we live in an apartment or a house, in the city or the country. We can grow some or all of our own food, raise chickens, keep goats and bees as long as local municipal ordinances allow these activities.

We may be able to build our own homes as long as the local building inspectors approve our plans, however, clothing, shoes, vehicles, appliances and so much more is most likely to be made by someone else.

We can reduce how many gadgets we need, for example, does anyone really need two or more TV sets, in fact is one even necessary? What about toasters, microwaves, bread makes, blenders and so on?

What we do need is accessibility to other people, for trade, for social interaction and to meet potential partners.

We are all in this together and while we can meet many of our own needs and this is worth doing, we do need to be able to interact and connect with other people; self-sufficiency is not the go it alone approach to life. It involves mutual cooperation and developing the skills required so we can live in harmony not only with other human beings but with all life. Life is a communal affair.


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