A Wake-up Call to Embrace an Organic, Sustainable Lifestyle

The Gulf oil disaster is an ongoing catastrophe that we cannot ignore.  In this special report Mike Adams “The Health Ranger” highlights the wake-up call that this event represents.  He answers this call by asserting the position that more must be done to encourage the use of clean energy.  America’s reliance on an oil-based economy fosters this type of inevitable outcome.  Although we often feel removed from American policies here in Costa Rica, this event shows that no country is truly immune from the mistakes or misfortunes of another.  Costa Rica, we believe, took appropriate action years ago when they decided to steer away from oil drilling in favor of renewable energy.  Costa Rica now gets 95% of its energy from renewable resources and is on a path to be a net exporter in coming years.  We must realize the natural folly of drilling into the core of the earth for something to sustain us; it is expensive, dangerous, and not sustainable.  We have all that we need around us, for free:  wind, solar, geothermal, wave power, and more.  It is comforting to know that Costa Rica has adopted the natural world instead of the industrial and manufactured.


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