About Us

We are based in San Ramon, Costa Rica.  We have many years of experience creating communities that are focused on organic farming and healthy living.  Our most valuable partner is a Costa Rican named Efrain “The Green Man” who is the area’s foremost expert in organic growing and food production.  Each of our communities seeks to offer food production and supply as a key feature so that homeowners can receive fresh-grown fruits, vegetables, and coffee, while enjoying the freedom of food security and living a self-sufficient, sustainable lifestyle.

In addition to offering beautiful ocean-view lots within small, private communities, we aim to make your move to Costa Rica a seamless one.  Please visit our home construction page to learn more about how we can offer turnkey opportunities for your arrival in Costa Rica.

We look forward to seeing you during your next trip to Costa Rica.  In the meantime, please use this blog as a resource for detailed information about our various projects, as well as a general resource for articles about healthy living, sustainability, and self-sufficiency.



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  1. very interesting, please send me some properties with organic farms or flower farms for sale.I can use my qualification as horticulturist once I relocate to Costa Rica

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